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The staff at Kalamunda cycles love riding bikes and helping people! We pride ourselves on providing the best advice and service to our customers, whether you are looking for your first bike, or building a unique MTB for a World Class events!

Please call 08 9293 2115 to book your service.

Murray and Tim only use the best in the workshop!


Whether it’s your forks, rear shock or dropper seat post, Murray - our experienced suspension technician, can improve your product’s performance and longevity. Murray does all the servicing in house and the turn around time is quick! We’ll have you back out on the trail in no time!

All the staff at Kalamunda Cycles want you to have the best experience in-store, we want to see you back again! If you have any questions we are all more than happy to help you out, on or off the bike!



Kids Bike / Non Geared Service



Service Recommended every 6-12 Months 



Service Recommended every 6-12 Months 

Whole Enchilada


This is the real deal! 

Recommended every 12-18 Months
The Taco and Burrito are included in this service PLUS… 


We also offer a full range of smaller specific jobs and dedicated suspension servicing 

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Feel free to contact me, and I will be more than happy to answer all of your questions.